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Spring 2011 Ludlow Lambertson Daylily Introductions

ART GALLERY WISDOM-TOOTH (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 5" Sev M Re 28"
[Drink the Light Seedling X God Save the Queen]
ART GALLERY WISDOM-TOOTH is a rich medium purple on petals and sepals. An extraordinary blue-purple metallic eye and large edge with an outer border of light yellow & white teeth and the intense green throat complete this amazing composition. ART GALLERY WISDOM-TOOTH has 3-way branching, 20 buds and is quite fertile both ways.

ART-O-GRAPH (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 6" Sev M-ML Re 28"
[Unicorn Tapestry X Stippled Statement]
ART-O-GRAPH is a 6" beauty with a very interesting color combo of medium purple petals and lighter sepals. The gorgeous eye & edge are a medium blue-purple; the outer edge is crinkled with greenish-white teeth. The explosive green throat adds to the colorful overall beauty of this daylily. ART-O-GRAPH has 4-way branching, 25+ buds. Fertile both ways.

ASIAN APPLIQUE (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 5.5" Ev E Re 36"
[Spacecoast Seashells X (Seedling x Seedling)]
ASIAN APPLIQUE is a stunning formal bloom of cream amber with a dramatic deep purple eye and edge. The inner yellow appliqué eye sparkles and shines going into the green throat. The sepal's eye is subtler and adds to the patterned look. ASIAN APPLIQUE has 3 to 4-way branching and 25 buds. Fertile both ways and is an easy pod parent.

AVIAN ARTIST (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 7" Sev E Re 29"
[Diamond Star Halo X Stippled Starlight]
AVIAN ARTIST is one of the most interesting UF crispates ever! AVIAN ARTIST is a bi-color with medium purple petals, cream lavender sepals and a huge blue-purple eyezone. The edge carries the eyezone color and the outer edge is serrated white. AVIAN ARTIST has 2 to 3-way branching, 18 buds and a large green throat. Fertile both ways. Turning out amazing kids!

BLUE BIRD-OF-PARADISE (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 5.5" Sev E Re 24"
[Blue Jean Baby X Asian Fairy Bluebird]
BLUE BIRD-OF-PARADISE is a blue beauty of lavender-purple petals with lighter lavender-purple sepals, a perfect light blue circle eyezone and edge with outer edge in diamond-dusted green gold. BLUE BIRD-OF-PARADISE has 3-way branching, 25 buds and a big green throat. Fertile both ways. Beautiful babies!

BLUE BUNTING (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 6" Sev E-EM Re 27"
[Sacred Ibis X Seedling]
The spectacular colored BLUE BUNTING - a bird that rarely visits the U.S. - came into Texas where I saw it a few years ago. BLUE BUNTING has the cream coloring I love in daylilies and a clear intense blue-purple eye and edge. This type of coloring makes beautiful clear colors in its offspring. BLUE BUNTING has 3 -way branching, 18 buds, and a great green throat. Fertile both ways.

BLUE CORAL (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 6" Sev E Re 28"
[Canyon Colors X Blue Bird-of-Paradise]
BLUE CORAL is one of the earliest blues to hail the spring. BLUE CORAL has pink coral petals and sepals, an exquisite light blue eye & edge with an outer edge in a diamond dusted coral-orange. BLUE CORAL has 3-way branching, 20+ buds and an intense green throat. A long bloom season. Easily fertile both ways. Wow!

BLUE-EYED DRAGON (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 6" Sev E Re 28"
[Yikes Spikes X Seedling]
BLUE-EYED DRAGON is easily one of my favorite toothies. Looking much larger than its size, BLUE-EYED DRAGON has medium purple petals with lighter purple sepals and blue-purple eyezone & edge. The very large toothy outer edge of light yellow to white teeth on both petals & sepals is supreme. BLUE-EYED DRAGON has 3-way branching, 20 buds and a very green throat. Fertile both ways.

BLUE-GRAY TANAGER (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 4.5-5" Sev E-EM Re 27".
[Paradise Pattern X Seedling]
BLUE-GRAY TANAGER is found in Central and South America. BLUE-GRAY TANAGER is a complex small bloom of medium purple petals, lighter purple sepals, and a large grey eye & edge. BLUE-GRAY TANAGER has turned out some amazing kids. It has a bright green throat, 3-way branching, 25 to 30 buds. Fertile both ways.

CALIFORNIA CONDOR (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 9.5" Ev E-EM Re 32"
[Seedling X Seedling]
CALIFORNIA CONDOR with its 9.5" wingspan is a toothy UF Crispate. CALIFORNIA CONDOR is a medium pink with a faint light lavender eye, white to light yellow teeth and a green throat. CALIFORNIA CONDOR has 2 to 3-way branching on tall scapes with 18 buds. Fertile both ways. Set pods for me this year in 95+ temperatures.

DREAM WINDOW (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 5.75" Sev E Re 29"
[Drink the Light Seedling X God Save the Queen]
DREAM WINDOW is a startling toothy bloom with extra beautiful color. DREAM WINDOW is a medium lavender with a large gray-blue eye & edge. The outer edge is embellished with big cream teeth. DREAM WINDOW puts on a long lasting show with 3-way branching, 20+ buds, a deep green throat and is easily fertile both ways.

FLYING FIDDLESTRINGS (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 7" Sev E Re 27"
[Eyed Twister X Seedling]
FLYING FIDDLESTRINGS is named in honor of our son's fabulous fiddle playing. Julian has left the garden and is playing in multiple bands in Kansas City. FLYING FIDDLESTRINGS is a 7" UF crispate bloom of cream petals and sepals with a light purple eye & partial picotee edge. This daylily really twists and turns, has 2 to 3-way branching, 20 buds and a large green throat. Fertile both ways.

JAWS AND CLAWS (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 6" Sev M-ML Re 32"
[Beaks and Bills X Seedling]
JAWS AND CLAWS has been a real wow daylily since the first time I saw it in the garden - it has always blown me away! JAWS AND CLAWS is a large 6" black-purple with a dark black eye & edge. Its intense bright white teeth shine! JAWS AND CLAWS beautiful green throat compliments this stunning flower. 3-way branching, 25+ buds. Fertile both ways.

LAUGHING FALCON (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 6" Ev EM Re 36"
[Triassic Teeth X Art-O-Graph]
LAUGHING FALCON is another fabulous bird that I saw in Costa Rica. LAUGHING FALCON is unique in many ways - particularly its color. The luscious purple petals and sepals offset the gigantic metallic purple eye and edge, the outer light yellow to white teeth are fantastic and can get very large. LAUGHING FALCON has a nice yellow to green throat, 3-way branching, 20+ buds. Fertile both ways.

PINCHED PERFECTION (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 6" Ev EM Re 34"
[Shamrock Shore X Painted Petroglyph]
PINCHED PERFECTION is a wonderful patterned daylily with a clear cream base on petals and sepals. The patterned eye of PINCHED PERFECTION is light gray to light blue with an outer fucsia band. The same color borders the edge with the outer edge a yellow cream, it even has a few teeth. PINCHED PERFECTION has 3-way branching, 20 buds, a large green throat and is quite fertile both ways.

PURPLE JEWELWING (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
DIP 5" Ev M Re 36"
[Star Child X Wildest Dreams]
PURPLE JEWELWING is a dip of medium purple with a veined gray-blue eye. PURPLE JEWELWING has 2-way branching, 15 buds. An extraordinary green throat mixing with the eyezone gives it a patterned look. PURPLE JEWELWING has been a great parent for some of the patterned dips I'm doing now. Fertile both ways.

STIPPLED STARDUST (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 6" Sev E-EM Re 38"
[Free Bird X Stippled Tapestry]
Wow - STIPPLED STARDUST is my most beautiful stippled daylily to date! The exquisite blooms of STIPPLED STARDUST have light stippled purple lavender petals with lighter stippled sepals, a very large light blue-purple stippled eye & edge with an outer edge in cream. STIPPLED STARDUST has 3-way branching, 20 buds, with a subtle green throat. Fertile both ways.

TURQUOISE TREAT (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
DIP 5" Sev EM Re 36"
[Star Child X Lavender Curls]
Dip TURQUOISE TREAT is a magical tall dip bloom of light purple petals and sepals, a multi-patterned eye of light gray to a light blue and a light blue outer edge. TURQUOISE TREAT has veining all over with a dynamic green throat, 3-way branching and 20 buds. Fertile both ways. Super patterned babies.

TWIRLING TOWER (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 10" Sev E Re 34"
[Blue Eyed Curls X Orchid Waterfall]
TWIRLING TOWER is easily my best blue eyed UF twisting crispate to date. TWIRLING TOWER is a 10" medium cream lavender on petals and sepals with a smashing gray-blue eye and cream outer edge. TWIRLING TOWER has remarkable twirling action and 2 to 3-way branching, 20 buds, a nice large green throat. Fertile both ways.

VIVID VEINS (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
DIP 4.5" Sev E Re 30"
[Star Child X Lavender Curls]
Dip VIVID VEINS tells it all. A medium purple on petals with darker sepals, VIVID VEINS has a light gray to medium blue to amethyst eye and a light gray edge. VIVID VEINS has 3-way branching, 15 buds, and a vivid green throat interacting with the eye to produce more patterning. Fertile both ways.

WINGED WATERFALL (Ludlow Lambertson 2011)
TET 10.5" Ev E Re 36"
[Orchid Waterfall X Velvet Web]
WINGED WATERFALL is a flying UF pinched crispate. WINGED WATERFALL's 10.5" petals come closer to a true blue-purple than I've ever seen. The sepals are lighter. A faint blue-purple eye and enormous green throat complete this breakthrough colored UF. WINGED WATERFALL has 3-4 way branching, 30 buds and is quite fertile both ways.