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(Lambertson) TET 7.5" Sev EM Re 32"

(Way Cool Seedling X Tet Spindazzle Seedling)

I owe half the credit to Dan Trimmer for this flower, the pollen having come from his daylily nicknamed Laughing Hyena. JURASSIC JAWS is a monumental bloom, the best toothy I’ve created. Even though it blooms fairly early, it always has large teeth and tentacles. JURASSIC JAWS has medium red-purple petals with a darker red-purple eye and cream rose stippled and streaked sepals- making it a true bi-color. Encircling this colossal bloom, the petals have enormous white & gold teeth, tentacles and crinkles. JURASSIC JAWS has 4-way branching with 25 buds. Its pollen has given me a fantastic number of kids. No pods for me. Jaws!